today: saturday december 4th Daily menu tomorrow: sunday december 5th
Fried pieces of carp with chilli sauce135 CZK
Beef tartare with toast and garlic mayonnaise129 CZK
Marinated Olomouc curd cheese with red onion and chilli125 CZK
Pepper rollmops from carp with onion and lemon119 CZK
Patato pancake with cabbage and smoked meat125 CZK
Beef broth with noodles and liver quenelles59 CZK
Salmon trout fillet with grilled vegetables249 CZK
Braised beef roasted in a creamy sauce with crannberry jam, bread dumplings199 CZK
Beef roll filled with bacon, egg, onion and pickles, steamed rice199 CZK
Roast beef cheeks in red wine with mashed potatoes215 CZK
Chicken broth with meat, vegetable and noodles85 CZK
Spaghetti with mussels in wine, garlic and tomatoes275 CZK
Linguine with white truffle and truffle butter788 CZK
Salmon with beurre blanc sauce, capers and vegetable potatoes458 CZK
Crumble with plums and hazelnut ice cream155 CZK
Pumpkin soup85 CZK
Cauliflower soup with garlic croutons78 CZK
Grilled halloumi cheese, roasted beets, brittle228 CZK
Tagliatelle with throut, cherry and rocket238 CZK
tomorrow: sunday december 5th Daily menu today: saturday december 4th
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Pizza Nuova
Revoluční 1
110 00 Prague 1
+420 221 803 308

Non-smoking restaurant


We accept:
Ticket Restaurant, Gastro Pass

Pane Nuovo bakery is open from 9:00 to 22:00.

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Opening hours
Mon - Sun11:30–22:00